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For over 25 years, JL Aviation has operated in some of the most austere environments conducting the most challenging work in this industry.  We have never had an accident, incident, or violation - largely due to our commitment to safety.

We ensure safety in all of our operations by using a robust Safety Management System (SMS).  This system allows us to clearly identify our policies relating to safety, how we manage the risk that is inherent in our operation, how we monitor and measure our safety assurance, and how we promote safe operation to all employees and customers.

As part of our SMS, we have pledged that we will maintain a culture of open reporting by all employees, customers, and anyone that interacts with our operations.  We encourage everyone to keep a keen eye for hazards and report them for us to asses and mitigate, as well as report any events that could or did result in injury, damage, or violation of policy/regulation.  We firmly believe the only way to ensure the safety goals we have is if we all work together as a team that is committed to identifying and mitigating hazards.

Below is our Online Hazard Report - any hazards related to JL Aviation's operation can be reported when identified, as well as any safety related occurrences.  Hazard Reports are open to be completed by anyone and submissions can be anonymous.  By including your contact information, we can keep you informed of the status and results of our analysis, assessment, and mitigation of any risks that are determined to be present.

All submissions are confidential and will only be used to improve the safety of operations of JL Aviation.


Anonymous submissions are accepted.  Detailed information is encouraged.  Photos, attachments, and additional information can be submitted to

Hazard Report or Occurance Report?

Your report is recieved. Thank you for your commitment to our safety.

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